Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Bioshock Infinite OST

Now, I know what you’re thinking; Girls Just Want To Have Fun? Really? In what way is that pertinent to HearFeel? Ahh, well, all shall be revealed if you listen to the above link, preferably as I have been doing these last couple of days and just putting it on infinite loop and letting that baby run. There’s something just really…cute and happy-go-lucky about this interpretation and the whole fairground-esque vibe with its steam organ that makes this just really addictive and I JUST CANT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

I havent played Bioshock Infinite, although I have every intention to do so, and yet I can somehow see this fitting perfectly into the whole ethos of that game, with its seemingly utopic, vintage facade smothering a darker underlying story; plus I think this track appears on a beach scene, so it manages to pull off that whole fairground/seaside stall aesthetic with its steam organ. It’s actually a fantastic reinterpretation and I’m oddly hooked on it for reasons I dont fully understand.


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