Voltage Black – We, The Obsolete (2013, Single)

The guys at Voltage Black added me on Twitter (@Voltageblack) a few days ago for reasons I dont fully understand and, being a curious fellow, I decided to have a browse through their Soundcloud page. As it turns out they have a new single out recently, “We, The Obsolete”, along with a few remixes and edits. The one I actually wanted to focus on was not the original but the so called “Singularity Edit”, posted above.

The original has these incredibly glossy, bombastic synths and staggering drops, switching from cruise mode to stratospheric in the blink of an eye and introducing these vocoder heavy sequences to form the centerpiece of the track. Truth be told the vocoder is actually a little bit overdone and is almost entirely utterly incomprehensible but I liked the track nonetheless; it has a pretty progressive atmosphere and a real sense of euphoria that I found interesting.

Enter the Singularity Edit. Right from the off we’ve lost the speed, lost the momentum of the original; the percussive elements enter at a fraction of the pace and tap away as they reverb into the blissed out electronica oozing alongside. Then the “drop” happens and the synths burst into life; while it may not be as hard hitting or as danceable as before it still hits hard, its technicolour vibe rolling off into the newly distilled and minimised vocoder that makes an appearance. Despite the tempo reduction, despite the paring back of the instrumentation and the more hazy sounds compared with the crisper, punchier beats of the original, this track has a warmth and vibrance that is just difficult to ignore. It may not be Summer yet but it’s got that slow-burning attitude that’ll make it one of those warm-down tracks you play post-party in the dwindling hours. Chillwave may not be a genre that many people identify with anymore but this definitely subscribes to the same sonic palette and blissed out ideologies of some of the more seminal tracks of the movement.

Tl;dr, some dope shit.

Here are their Soundcloud, Facebook and Bancamp pages.


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