Nac/Hut Report – Angel-like Contraction Reverse (2013)

New LP from underground Polish Experimental group Nac/Hut Report with Angel-like Contraction Reverse.


I feel like recently people have been sending me albums to review because I’m “nice”; truth be told, the albums that I review here are frequently the ones that I want to listen to and have enjoyed listening to, hence the bias. When people send me their work I normally shift the onus onto them to prove something to me and my reviews become more critical and challenging as a result, and some people have become somewhat sour over my more critical writings on their work when what they were really looking for was some softer words. So when a band comes along advertising themselves as Experimental, Industrial and Underground I begin to feel somewhat uneasy, and I was concerned that I wouldnt like this album and thus be unnecessarily mean in anything I did write. Do Nac/Hut Report belong on HearFeel? Probably not; these genres of music are not ones that I subscribe to readily, and have little experience within. The prospect of listening to Industrial albums depresses me and I put off listening to this album for a while; admittedly Angel-like Contraction Reverse is not actually as bad as I initially anticipated, it isn’t my cup of tea.

The album would be much better if it did two things: 1. not be so repetitive and used more textures other than the processed guitar/rolling synth beats they use continuously and 2. stopped even trying to sing. I appreciate the fact it is supposed to be abrasive and embrace discordance but the vocals are very offputting; the English spoken parts have a very unusual lilt to them that makes them feel very dull and flat, like she’s tried to make something interesting out of them and be harmonious but cant quite make it. The staccato guitars as well are so frustrating, they form such an integral part of every track that they became very stale once you start to get towards the mid-album. That being said, I’m fairly certain it is purely down to the subtle changes in lyrics that actually set apart some of the tracks; much of the album shares identical rhythms and beat structures and while that does go to help the flow of the album it is rather tiresome.

The creaky guitars of the opener “Junkstarrr” and the deliberate beat pulses of noise and electronically derived percussion match the surprisingly soft vocal quite well, it was a better introduction to the album than I expected and it’s probably one of the better tracks here. It segues abruptly into the more chaotic squelches and squeals of “One Last Time” but sadly the vocals let this down a great deal, they lack the emotional punch to bring this track together. It could be so much better if they obscured them under a digital haze. Almost exactly the same sound of this track is repeated later in the album with “Rotten Times Burn Down”, as well as in the penultimate “Dolls” although here it seems to slow to half speed and float and bob along with much more ease than some of the tracks.

There’s just too much repetition and, dare I say it, not enough abrasion here to keep me interested. The beats at the start are interestingly syncopated and the vocals not too annoying, but both of those things begin to become increasingly more repeated to the point of frustration. The same thin, staccato guitars are repeated throughout with a depressing lack of variety and the vocals are dull and emotionless, and since these two components comprise most of the album it means that I just cant enjoy this.


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