Record Rambles 4: Tim Hecker

Later than advertised simply because I found it really difficult to talk concisely about Hecker; in the end, even after multiple takes over the last week, I still couldnt get it quite right and put out everything I wanted to say in the time. I definitely could have spoken longer than I did on Harmony In Ultraviolet but neglected it somewhat in favour of Ravedeath.

Harmony In Ultraviolet is a really critical album in his discography though, since it is the point where he moves beyond the limits of his previous releases and takes the scale of the albums to a new level. The same sonic signatures and drone walls are present, the same with the noise and static washes, it’s simply that he’s found a new something to mess around with and incorporate into his style and there is a definite shift as a result. It’s dark and hypnotic and extremely tight.


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