Record Rambles 1: School Of Seven Bells

So as I explain in the video, because I’m just far too lazy to write reviews (although I have got some floating around that I do want to write up) here is the start of a new series of videos that I’m going to do as I go through my record collection. I have a tonne of albums that I want to talk about in my collection but typing them all up is just massively time consuming so I thought I’d have a crack at this instead.

These are mostly just to test the waters, as it were, and get a bit of a feel for the whole “talking at a camera” thing. Pretty obvious that I kinda suck at it during the first video as I go through the singles but I get a bit more animated during the second while I grapple with the albums. I promise they’ll get less shit as we go along.

Video 1: Going through the SVIIB discography with their 7″ records exclusively. Bit dry I’m afraid.

Video 2: Continuing through the discography with the 12″ records this time, covering their 3 full-length albums and 3 EP’s.

In all honesty, SVIIB was probably the best and worst place to start; they have just such a huge back-catalogue it’s difficult really to talk about it all concisely , but it should be on the up and out from here as I don’t own as many records by any other artist in my collection as SVIIB. Also Youtube fucked up the video in its processing; that flickering is definitely not their in either the original or the rendered versions. Sorry about that.


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